Episode 88: Marketing from a different perspective.

The Wedding Pro CEO Podcast

VSG VP, Alex Devine, joins Wedding Pro Brandee Gaar on her show to talk marketing at large.

Show details:

Alex Devine is a marketing expert, marketing agency VP, executive coach, and an expert talker on the show because she’s a bit different from the guests we’ve had on the She Who Dares Podcast.

So far, we’ve had so many insightful conversations with professionals who work in the wedding and creative industries, as well as experts who work closely with others in these industries. But what makes Alex so different is that she helps all types of businesses!

From large to small companies, she’s learned how to transform what we see as overwhelming numbers and analytics into a beautiful customer story that can help your business unlock its true potential.

Listen here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/88-marketing-from-a-different-perspective/id1484702205?i=1000527227964