As of January 1st, 2023, VSG Marketing will formally be known as a Spindustry company, adding decades of expertise and a robust suite of technology services to their already impressive roster.

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Wednesday, January 10th, 2024
1:30 PM PST – 2:30 PM PST

What homeowners really care about when deciding on a home services partner.

Alex Devine of VSG + Spindustry, is joined by Special Guest, Monica D. Higgins, to discuss the critical marketing and sales factors involved in a homeowner’s decision-making process when they are selecting a home services vendor.

In this interview with our expert, we’ll explore:
– The mind of the homeowner as they decide on a vendor
– The top 3 things they look for in your marketing
– What your website should be telling them
– The top reasons why they are ghosting you after initial interest or bid – Where the breakdowns in the sales process are (and how to avoid them!)
– Open Q&A session

Who should attend?
CEOs/ Presidents/ Sales managers/ COOs/ Financial professionals of Home Services firms including but not limited to Roofing, flooring, plumbing, electric, drywall, general contractors, Engineers, Architects, landscapers.

Meet Our Hosts

Alex Devine

Alex Devine
President, VSG Marketing

Alex Devine is a marketing expert and business consultant providing a unique bridge between old school business ideals and new generational perspectives. In her straightforward style, she motivates teams to act, with empathy and understanding.

As the President of VSG Marketing, Alex uses technology and data insights to help companies and individuals define their sales strategy and manage their digital presence. After nearly a decade in the heart of a fast-paced agency, she’s gained expertise in high-level marketing strategy, sales enablement, digital performance, and MarTech.

Alex leads the VSG Marketing team and provides executive oversight to all service offerings in addition to making sure clients remain on the cutting edge of their industries.

Monica D. Higgins
Chief Experience Executive (CXO), Bestselling Author, & Home Services Expert/Educator

Monica D. Higgins is a performance and mission-driven leader and strategist with a deep passion and expertise in advancing experience-centric strategies, revenue and service operations, and customer service within the Home Services industry.

Monica’s journey, from assisting her parents with distressed income property renovations, becoming a licensed real estate agent, founding a construction management firm, and now serving as the Chief Experience Officer of a design-build backyard home firm, in addition to her best-selling author status, provides a wealth of expertise and a dedication to helping homeowners and industry professionals achieve project success.

Through her vast experience including the ups and downs of fast-growing startups, she understands what makes the difference in the success and growth of a company. She specializes in customer-centric service delivery at an executive level. And has a passion for helping industry professionals and organizations understand and implement right product-market fit and effective go-to-market strategies.