As of January 1st, 2023, VSG Marketing will formally be known as a Spindustry company, adding decades of expertise and a robust suite of technology services to their already impressive roster.

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Alex Devine Appears On Shrimp Tank Podcast.

Thank you to The Shrimp Tank Podcast for having our own Alex Devine and VSG Marketing, A Spindustry Company on the show!

From the Shrimp tank website:

In this engaging episode of “The Shrimp Tank,” hosts Dan Weedin and Monica Blackwood delve into the art of messaging and voice in business with Alex Devine, President of VSG Marketing. Join us as Alex shares her unique journey to leadership, rooted in a family of entrepreneurs and shaped by early marketing experiences.

We explore the critical intersection of empathy, leadership, and financial savvy in professional settings. Alex offers valuable insights into the importance of involving the team in marketing strategies, understanding your audience, and leveraging the expertise of consultants for impactful messaging.

This episode also sheds light on the role of data in marketing, the influence of mentors, and tackles the often-taboo topic of imposter syndrome, providing candid perspectives on confidence in the workplace. Don’t miss our “Hot or Not” segment where Alex discusses the essentials of a sustainable business model and the burgeoning significance of podcasting in business growth.

We also dive into the critical role of data science in marketing and sales integration. Wrapping up, Alex shares personal anecdotes, including his love for reality TV and favorite books, and offers a sneak peek into his upcoming professional engagements.

Tune in for an episode that seamlessly blends professional expertise with personal experiences, offering a comprehensive view of modern business challenges and solutions.

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