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Key Takeaways for Social Media Marketing.

Social media marketing is an important part of business. It is a place of instant customer/client interaction and intimacy, as well as a very affordable way to market yourself. By utilizing social media, you can quickly access people interested in your brand, and continue to authentically grow it. 

Below are some best practices when starting or managing your company’s social media marketing. 

Post On Multiple Platforms

Here at VSG, we use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach our clients and potential customers. In addition to increasing your reach over multiple platforms, each platform has different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. For example, Instagram is used mostly to post quick, eye-catching photos with captions, while Facebook and LinkedIn can be more text-oriented with a photo attached to the post. 

Use your demographic data to decide which channel or channels will be your main focus. For example, younger audiences tend to lean more toward Instagram than Facebook. So, if you’re selling something tailored to that audience, be present where they are!

Include Media in Your Posts 

Add some form of multimedia in the post like pictures or videos. Photo and video content greatly increases the rate of retention for the viewer. It also provides a place to show what you are doing as a business instead of just saying what you’re doing. 

Make sure your media is optimized for whatever platform you are using it on. For example, Instagram is a vertical scrolling app used primarily used on mobile devices. So, edit your content to fit the portrait dimensions.

Post Brand Relevant Content

No one wants to read confusing and irrelevant content. As a business, it is important to stay in your lane and post things your audience is generally expecting. Don’t get us wrong, you can be creative in your channels, but you don’t want your viewers double-checking they are on the right page. 

Have a Posting Schedule 

Here at VSG, we have a dedicated Digital Account Coordinator who is very organized with the posting schedule and the content that will be going out on a certain day. He keeps track of the content and what posts will be going on what platform. Having a schedule allows all of us to be aware of what content is going out and when. By planning the schedule ahead of time, you give yourself time to create assets long before they are due. Our designers work so hard and last-minute requests are never fun.  

Make it Personal

Remember the social part of social media. Make sure that your personality and company culture shines through in your content. We enjoy posting about our lunch outings or pets, but also love sharing the projects our team is currently working on.

Know Your Audience

It is important to remember who is engaging with your content while you are creating it. Is it your clients? Are they local? What age are they? What is important to them? All of these are good questions to ask yourself in order to guarantee that you are hitting the right audience.

Luckily, all these social channels record insights for you to look at whenever you please. You can find things like age, gender, locations, and what times are best to post based on your followers! On Instagram, the insights are located in the settings tab on your profile. On Facebook, they are easily accessible at the top menu of your business page.  

Need any help starting or managing your social media marketing? Reach out!