As of January 1st, 2023, VSG Marketing will formally be known as a Spindustry company, adding decades of expertise and a robust suite of technology services to their already impressive roster.


Starting with ‘Why?’

Why are you making those marketing decisions? Well, data should be able to tell you.

Our approach to marketing is built on this notion. Without data to support our business decisions, we’re just guessing. Too much is at stake for a guessing game, so we utilize technology to help gather, decipher, and use data to the advantage of our clients.

A screenshot of a campaign analysis run by VSG Marketing.

Technology Founded.

Since 2003, VSG has been focused on technology as the foundation of our agency. We were pioneers in early marketing automation and continue to work in the forefront of Martech.

Data Driven.

We believe that the right technology solutions provide you with the analytics to make sound business decisions and scale your efforts far beyond a team.

Mobile phone displays a screen with a checklist of a marketing pain points and goals.

Solutions Focused.

We don’t just want to talk about your pain points, we want to solve them.

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Meet the Team.

At the heart of our success over the last two decades is the VSG team. Our approach is evident in our core values of Care, Trust, Collaborate & Grow. Our team’s Superpowers complement each other and make us better collectively.

Our approach to team is more than just core values and Superpowers, it is built on a solid foundation of sound business principles. Call us old-fashioned, but we believe that full-time staff who are committed to our organization, our culture, our partners, their community & their craft, simply produce better results. Our team is invested in VSG and our client’s success. The evidence is seen in the excellent work we produce and the relationships we develop.

Executive Leadership.


Founder & Head Coach


Vice President

Team Leads.


Client Relations,
Project Management


Marketing Strategy,
Project Management

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Our core values speak to who we are as an organization and what drives us to serve our clients with excellence.

We give a damn.

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We care about each other and the work we do as an organization. We strive to always put forth our best work and solutions to ensure our partner’s success.

We're better together.

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We love sharing ideas in a creative and inspiring environment. While we each bring our own strengths and skill sets to the table, we know we can accomplish greater things when we collaborate.

We're built on trust.

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We work to have respect for each other and our clients. We have the confidence and belief in one another to run with ideas and solutions.

We evolve.

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We live in an ever-changing digital age. Instead of fighting change, we want to innovate along with it. Our goal is to always be growing and improving, evolving as professionals, subject matter experts and as people.

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We’re always looking for talented individuals.