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How to market through Covid-19.

Dear readers, we are writing this amidst an unprecedented time. In Washington State and beyond, those who can, are all working from the comfort and safety of our homes. Restaurants, gyms, theaters, retailers large and small are closed up due to COVID-19.  We’re all unsure of just how big the fall out will be for businesses, so in the meantime, we must rely on our core marketing beliefs and focus on what we can control.

At VSG we tell our clients “Market to your best customers first, their network second, and the rest of the world last.” This helps you spend the least amount of your budget on an audience that will have the highest ROI.

This is of paramount importance, especially in times of potential fiscal crisis.

Look at the people who already know and love you.

These folks are your best chance at continued revenue and opportunity. What are you doing today to communicate with your current customers? What are you doing right now to keep them? 

If you need direction on how to stay engaged, here’s a start:

  • Send regular email communication to your customer audience so you stay top of mind. This could be a news update, valuable information or tips, notification of a sale or special offer, or simply a personal thank you for their continued support. If you need additional support from your customers during this time, ASK! If you do not ask, the answer is no.
  • Maintain your social media and web presence. Let people know what you’re up to.
  • Think seriously about the value you provide to customers. Are they still getting that value now? If they are, remind them. If they are not you need to address it, put your head down, and figure out how you can provide value in different ways.

We recently completed a webinar to lend advice on this topic. You can watch the full conversation here: