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How To Make Money Using Marketing Automation.

Financial Industry Digital Campaign Provides $600k+ and Counting in ROI

VSG Marketing has been a long-time partner of a national equipment lease financing company. They recently discovered that a portion of their client base would return to them 1 year from their funded deal to apply for financing again. With this insight, we set out to organize an automated drip campaign that would keep the finance company in the forefront of their previous customers minds, year-round. We did this in such a way that the company has seen over $600k in return since launching in 2017. Here’s how we did it:

1. Segmenting the data and preparing the automation strategy

Using our marketing automation platform, AMS, we integrated with the client’s salesforce database and created a rules-based list that automatically added any customer with the status “funded.” We then built a strategy with what we knew about this audience- the emails would be sent once a month for 10 months and offer valuable information while keeping top of mind status with the customer and should be from their individual Account Representative. The cool thing about automation is the ability to do all of this through the technology and for the reps to reap the rewards without any manual work!

2. Creating branded, yet personal emails

This finance company doesn’t have just one brand, they have 4. Each brand is targeting a specific vertical of equipment financing: Breweries, specialty coffee, dentistry etc. so their emails can’t be one size fits all.

Using our platform and top notch creative team, we were able to create beautifully branded emails that fit each audience and seemed personal- direct from the account rep. Using automation and multi-filtered data segmentation this process was a breeze and require no work from the sales staff themselves.

3. Always provide a way to engage: Data gathering tools – customer satisfaction surveys and referral forms

We wanted to stay in front of customers, but we also wanted to gather valuable information about their experience and perception of the company to better serve them in the future. In the content strategy, we place satisfaction surveys, ways to refer friends, and offers to keep the audience engaged and prompted to act throughout the automated campaign. At any time, the recipient of these emails can directly respond to their account rep, hit any link, forward it on to colleagues etc and all of their activity is tracked within our system.

marketing automation case study


This campaign continues to run in the background of the client’s day to day sales activities and we find new ways to interpret the data and maximize returns each month. The “customer-funded” drip campaign featured here is just one of the many automated campaigns we’ve created for this financial partner. You can see how each audience we identify in their data can make use of our technologies to drive sales in creative ways.

Services VSG provided:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Content writing
  • Graphic design
  • Web development
  • Data segmentation
  • Reporting & tracking
  • Account management
  • Project management
  • Marketing automation

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