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Don’t Forget Your Data.

These days, if you’re doing business, it’s online in some capacity. Some have always done it this way, but many more are in transition. 

As we see businesses attempt to pivot quickly to a digital environment, we like to remind them about the importance of capturing and organizing their marketing data along the way. In this blog, you’ll find reminders about data at a glance.

By collecting data, you can significantly improve your customer retention and customer acquisition rates. With most storefronts closing and in-person interactions at a (required) decline, getting in front of your customers can be harder. However, that does not mean you can’t stay connected. That is where data comes in. Data helps you follow up and stay connected with existing customers and tailor your marketing efforts for new/prospective clients. 

First, here’s the marketing data you should be thinking about

  • Your Website traffic
    • Top referrers 
    • Top entry pages
    • Conversions

If you need a refresher on any of the above, revisit our blog, Using Data to Your Advantage Part 1

  • Form Submissions

Make sure you have access to any and all form submissions that may come through on your website! Now more than ever, that’s where people are going to try and reach you. If people are asking the same sorts of questions over and over, it’s time to think about chatbots and marketing automation

  • Social Media Analytics

Keep an eye on the conversations happening around your subject matter expertise. We’re in a uniquely advantageous time for thought leadership as your audience is available in mass and on their devices more hours than normal. 

Need a refresher on social analytics? Read here

  • Digital advertising results

If you haven’t started yet, now is the perfect time. Get your messages out there via digital advertising!  If digital advertising is old hat for you, keep an eye on your clicks and conversions along with the products you are selling. Is anything different in the last few months due to Covid-19? Pay attention to the trends and act accordingly.

  • Any and all sales made

The ultimate conversion is of course a sale. Check in on your value prop. Does it still work in a digital climate? Consumers talk with their purchases, are you listening?

Next, here’s what you should do with that data to drive sales

  1. Identify trends
  2. Put effort + budget in the areas you are seeing momentum
  3. Test, track and repeat

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