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Client Highlight: FCA.

FCA has officially been a part of the VSG Marketing client family for a little over a year! Here’s a review of the “why” behind their decision to utilize VSG’s brand management platform, Suitespace, and some of the usage milestones they reached in their first year.

Who: Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
An international sports outreach organization with the mission to impact coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use their sport as a platform to unite, inspire and change the world. Since their start in 1954, they’ve grown to now having over 1700 staff across 84 countries.

The Challenge: FCA’s small marketing team had the impossible task of supporting 1700 field staff with on-demand access to resources and customizable marketing collateral, while maintaining brand compliance. As a result, they were left only able to produce static print collateral which quickly became outdated and led to a great deal of wasted print and surplus supplies throughout the organization.


The Solution: By implementing Suitespace, FCA could now allow their entire staff of over 1700 individuals access to update, customize and order print and download marketing collateral on-demand localized to their specific area. As a result, FCA has eliminated print waste, gained greater control of brand compliance and been able to save time and money by doing more with less.

By freeing up time and resources, their lean marketing team is now able to put greater creativity and energy to new growth strategies that they can scale across the entire organization.


FCA’s Suitespace went live in January 2018. Here’s an overview of what their system entails and what usage they saw in its first full year.

  • Features 8 categories of product folders like Donor Communications, Special Events, & Full Logo Sets.

  • Offers a selection of over 70 print pieces, over 160 downloads and over 15 direct mail options for their entire staff to customize and utilize to meet their marketing needs.

  • Over 20 Webinar opportunities offered for staff to get trained, onboarded and keep them up-to-date on recent product adds.

  • Over 129,900 individual items printed from 900 print orders in 2018

  • Over 2600 downloads placed in 2018

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