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Build Customer Relationships with Email Marketing.

Email marketing is the targeting of consumers through electronic mail, including sending ads, requesting business, or soliciting sales or donations. It is meant to build loyalty, trust, and brand awareness. It is considered one of the most economic methods of direct marketing. Here are 3 tactics for a better email marketing strategy.

Build Your List

You can’t start your email marketing campaign without focusing on building a sizable email list first. There are many ways you can do this of course. Start with a popup asking for an email address to view gated content, adding an online sign-up form to your website, and encouraging your social media followers to sign up.

Just remember, don’t get discouraged! Building a list can take time and it is important to nurture your leads from the start. It’s important to have a clear purpose when asking for an address. This is where a strong call to action comes into play, and copywriting is super important.

Follow up with expectations

Setting proper expectations is crucial to setting up a successful email marketing campaign. Even if your call to action is strong, you can still turn off your leads by not following up consistently. If you promise to send one email per week and instead send them daily, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

On the other hand, if you promise to send daily updates about your products and you can’t keep up, your leads will lose interest quickly. So, before you set up your email campaigns, set realistic goals that you are sure to follow up on. You can change your goals later as you get a feel for what you’re capable of.

Analytics and tracking

Right from the get-go, you’ll be able to track the success of your campaign. Though they’re all important, the 3 most important metrics you should look for are open rate, click through rate (CTR), and unsubscribes.

A high open rate is a telltale sign that you’ve built your relationship well with your lead. They believe your content provides value and want to see more. If your rate is low, it means that your leads have started to delete upon receipt, which means you need to go back to the drawing board to figure out what they’re looking for.

Email marketing isn’t just about getting your leads to open your emails, you want them to interact with your content and drive them to landing pages meant to drive action. If your CTR is low, it means that your message is either not targeted enough, or simply not getting through. In this case, focus on improving your copy and testing your call to actions to see what works.

Some unsubscribes are fine when you set up email marketing campaigns. You’re not going to capture the interest of everyone. But, if your unsubscribe rate is high in relation to your opt-in rate, then you’ve passed the point of no return. You can add new value by writing good copy. Take a look at your campaign and rework it keeping your customer’s wants and needs in mind throughout the process.

With a well thought out and properly implemented email marketing strategy, your customers will be more responsive, your campaign performance will improve, and your business will continue grow. Take the guesswork out of email marketing and leave it to VSG Marketing. We are a full-service marketing firm that can help you create a strategy as well as implement technology solutions to guide your customers with email marketing to build a lasting relationship with your business. Contact VSG Marketing to put your ideas into action.